Exciting New Features in iOS 17: Scrolling Screenshots and More

iOS 17 brings exciting updates to iPhone users, including two features previously available on Android phones. During the WWDC 2023 event, Apple announced the new iOS software with various enhancements.

However, the first iOS 17 public beta unveiled a surprise addition: scrolling screenshots and bilingual support for Siri. Now, capturing full-page screenshots is easier than ever, allowing users to save lengthy webpages, documents, or emails as images, no longer limited to PDF format.

The process is straightforward: take a screenshot as usual by pressing the side button and volume up button together. Once the screenshot is captured, tap on it in the lower-left corner and select “Full Page” to activate the scrolling screenshot feature. You can then choose to save it as an image or a PDF.

Previously, iPhone users were restricted to saving such content as PDFs. With this update, Apple catches up with Android, which introduced scrolling screenshots in Android 12. Now, iPhone users can also enjoy the convenience of saving scrolling screenshots as images.

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