Transforming a Broken Chromebook: A Unique Desktop Setup and the Rise of ‘Halftop’ Modding

When you break your Chromebook screen, you have a few options: get it fixed, buy a new one (which can be expensive), or embrace the fact that half of it doesn’t work. One Reddit user acquired a cheap, broken Pixelbook Go and removed the screen, turning it into a desktop-like setup with a keyboard, trackpad, and a cable connected to a 4K monitor.

Interestingly, the unit they bought was a pre-production model, as it displayed “ProductName” instead of Pixelbook at the top. The Redditor got it for $60, possibly due to its prototype status. It’s unclear if this model will receive the same updates as production units. This type of modification, known as “Halftop,” has gained popularity, with a dedicated subreddit for such setups. Not all laptops support this mode, but enough do to make it a bit of a meme. Hail Chromebook!

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