WhatsApp Introduces ‘Chat Lock’ Feature to Enhance Privacy and Security

In recent years, WhatsApp has implemented various initiatives to enhance the safety and security of its platform. Considering that the popular messaging app for Android, owned by Meta, is used by over a billion people daily to send billions of messages, several improvements were necessary. A new WhatsApp update is on with enhanced privacy and security.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and founder of Meta, recently announced a new feature for WhatsApp called ‘Chat Lock’ in order to provide even greater privacy for users’ most personal conversations.

Zuckerberg announced, “We are excited to introduce a new feature called Chat Lock, which enables you to safeguard your most intimate conversations with an additional layer of security.”

“When you lock a chat, it is removed from the inbox and placed in a separate folder that can only be accessed using your device password or biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint. It also ensures that the contents of that chat are concealed in notifications,” he further explained.

Chat Lock is being released as part of a recent WhatsApp update for both Android and iPhone devices. If you already have the most recent version, you can check the Chat info section to see if the option is available for your account.

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